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Kyle Lowry

The mind to imagine it. The heart to achieve it. NBA Champion.

Women's Basketball Shoes

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<div><div><h4>WOMEN’S BASKETBALL SHOES</h4><p>Not sure which shoes to get for the game? Follow our quick tips and details about features and technologies built specifically into our women’s basketball shoes for speed, agility and support.</p><p><strong>ADIDAS LOW TOP BASKETBALL SHOES</strong></p><p>Low profile women’s basketball shoes constructed of ultralight materials are designed to keep you fast on your feet. Those quick changes in direction or improvisation off the dribble will lead to more confidence and momentum. A low-top with flexibility can help you work all the angles and spaces on the floor.</p><p><strong>MID TOP WOMEN’S BASKETBALL SHOES</strong></p><p>adidas mid tops are as versatile as the players who wear them. Keep your opponents guessing with bursts of speed and disruptive jumps for the ball. Whether you post up or attack the basket, you need as much flexibility as possible for the most adaptive plays.</p><p><strong>HIGH TOP WOMEN’S BASKETBALL SHOES</strong></p><p>Outwork your opponent. Whether you have a powerful vertical or set the tempo of the game try out women’s high-top sneakers for locked-down support. A molded collar gives you a dynamic fit and improves ankle stability. Yet a padded collar improves stability but offers a soft feel. It’s important to try out different styles and go with what feels good and inspires you let loose on the floor.</p><p><strong>PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT</strong></p><p>For a supportive yet locked-down feel try out adidas’ energy returning BOUNCE™ midsole in your basketball shoes. Engineered with EVA foam, BOUNCE cushioning provides instant comfort and flexibility that will last through the game.</p><p><strong>MORE ENERGY</strong></p><p>Get busy in any of the adidas women’s basketball shoes with super responsive BOOST™ cushioning. The energized comfort helps drive those explosive playmaking moves on the court and offers supreme comfort during recovery. </p></div></div>