What can I do if I’m concerned that I purchased a fake product?

Last updated: 12/10/19
Counterfeit items do circulate all around the world. If you think you bought one, please inform us where and from whom (name and address) you purchased the product. You should include the following details: 

• photos of the product (including all labels attached to the product).
• photos of the packaging. 
• a copy of the purchase receipt.
• any other documentation you received with the product.
• the website address if you purchased the product online. 
As fake products do not come from us, please understand we cannot accept them for exchange or refund. 

We cannot provide details of any outcomes of actions we may take. 

If you choose to file a complaint against the seller of the product, we will cooperate with any inquiries from authorities concerning the authenticity of the product.

For future purchases, please be advised to buy your product from our Online Shop, one of our official stores, or an authorized retail partner. 


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