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Men's Stan Smith

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<div><div><h4>MEN’S ADIDAS STAN SMITH</h4><p>Stan Smith owned the tennis court in the '70s. Today, his namesake sneakers meet the streets with the same clean, classic style. The men’s Stan Smith has become synonymous with understated style and fresh, urban dressing thanks to their streamlined style. Men’s Stan Smith adidas shoes stay true to the original look with a crisp leather build, low-profile shape and clean trim.</p><p><strong>ADIDAS ARCHIVE: STAN SMITH</strong></p><p>The all-American sneaker gets its name from tennis icon Stan Smith, a two-time Grand Slam singles and five-time Grand Slam doubles champion. At the time of the shoe’s 1972 release, he was known as one of the best players in the world. Over the years, men’s Stan Smiths have evolved from athletic sneaker to streetwear staple, sparking collaborations and inspiring variations on the simple style.</p></div></div>