How do I earn Creators Club points and check my balance or level?

Last updated: 12/10/19
You can earn points in the Creators Club by signing up, completing your profile, making purchases, completing reviews, participating in adidas Runners events, and tracking runs with the adidas Running by Runtastic app. More ways to earn points still to come.
Members must be signed in to collect points within the adidas app or on In-store, members need to be identified at checkout by showing their Creator Pass in the adidas app or by providing their email or Creator ID.
Points for purchases made at or from the adidas app will be allocated to your account after the order has been confirmed and shipped, which generally takes up to 72 hours. In some instances, your points could take up to a week to get posted to your account. Points for in-store purchases will be allocated to your account within 72 hours after the purchase.
You can find your current point balance and membership level via the adidas app or by logging in and checking the ‘My Account’ section at You can also check your Creators Club profile in both adidas Runtastic apps.
If points have not been allocated one week after your purchase, please contact Customer Service. Missing points cannot be claimed in adidas stores.
When tracking runs in the adidas Running by Runtastic app, make sure the distance is being tracked by GPS, as this is the only way we can calculate and award points. Manual entries and edited activities, for example, can't be tracked and so they don't receive points.
Please be aware that:
- Points can only be collected for purchases made from participating adidas stores in the United States.
- Missing points cannot be claimed in adidas stores.
- Points are removed for any products that are returned. This may result in downgrading a level if your purchase had earned you a level upgrade.
- You can’t get points for past purchases. You can only begin collecting points from the date you first became a Creators Club member.
- It may take up to 24 hours for your level upgrade to take effect.
- Points cannot be redeemed for products. However, points earned will add up to unlock special offers and promotions.
- The expiration or removal of points may result in a downgrade of your level in the Creators Club. 


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